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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Change Folder Background

Do you like to customize your desktop with wallpaper? Why stop there? With Windowpaper XP you can put wallpaper in the back of any window—just like your desktop. That's why we call it Windowpaper, because "it makes a better door than your window."

One feature we particularly enjoyed from Windows 98 ™ on up was the ability to change the wallpaper of a folder as well as the text color of the icons in that folder. This would help make each folder easier to identify and would bring a personal touch to my PC.

As Windows XP ™ Home/Pro was released, many have realized that Microsoft had removed our ability to change wallpaper of our folders! Shortly after we realized the trouble on our machines, we got to work on a solution. We've found that Microsoft™ did not remove the ability to change the background and text color but instead hid the interface.

It's fairly simple for anyone to add wallpaper to a Windows XP ™ folder; however, it can get very tedious if done repeatedly. We've created a small freeware utility which handles all the hard work for you: Windowpaper XP!

Operating system:  Windows XP, Windows 2000

File Size: 2.00 MB


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